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Mad Men is Back!

Good news, Kittens! Mad Men will be back. More fabulous that ever. Just look at those costumes, hair and make up. Perfect late 60's, early 70's realness. Can't wait for April. The first episode of Season 6 will air on Sunday, 7th of April. Oh, how I wish to have a themed Mad Men premier party. 

Megan is serving Priscilla Presley, Joannie is going for Elizabeth Taylor look and Pete has sideburns. I'm dying now! 

I have said this quite a lot of the whole decade, but you have to admit that late sixties had a certain glossy, kitschy, affluent vibe in fashion imagery. Granted, Mad Men had been flaunting the particular imagery for 5 seasons now, so I'm intensely curious how they going to portray this period not only in glamour wear that we see in promo pictures, but also how they're going to translate it into every day clothes and office wear for both female and male characters. 


These are some gorgeous shots. Can't wait for season 6 too! Cheers.
Lady said…
It's going to be grand, I know it.
Michelle said…
I can't wait!! I absolutely love that show! I'm also currently hooked on DOwnton Abbey. Have you seen it? You might like it. :)
Lady said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lady said…
Oh yes, I do watch Downton Abbey! The first season was the best in my opinion, but I still enjoy it.

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