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GDPR information regarding this website

So, my darlings, by now you all know about the implementation of EU's brilliant GDRP polocy. To comply with it, as I am using some AdSense on here I am including a link to Google Help page to help you understand what and how it does it. If you choose yo click the link some information might be collected off you by the thrid party. Can't tell, what it is, as I am a mere blogger who has not posted here anything since 2014. And since this blog is not even very activr, I have never been able to monetize off those ads. So there you have it.

Here is the link below you need to click to read all about how to protect you data while using and reading this blog:


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Incredibly Elaborate Photographs by Sandy Skoglund

Decades before Photoshop was available, American artist Sandy Skoglund started creating surrealist images by building incredibly elaborate sets, a process which took months to complete. Her works are characterized by an overwhelming amount of one object and either bright, contrasting colors or a monochromatic colour scheme.
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