Thursday, 31 October 2013

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Late Lately Later

Holla, Amigos! Atsiprašau, jog vėl dingau ilgam ilgam, tačiau buvau gana užsiėmus (the usual). Krausčiausi į kitą vietą, keliavau į Lietuvą draugės vestuvėsna ir atgal, mėgaujuosi rudeniu ir visur dalyvauju. Tai ir kenčia mano vargšelis blogas.

Šian labai laiminga, nes pagaliau su drauge užsisakėm kelionę į Paris. Oi, tai duosim. Paryžiuje buvau tik vieną kartą, kai dar pienas nuo lūpų nudžiūvęs nebuvo, tai nelabai įvertinti galėjau. Dabar užsienius geriau pažįstu ir žinau, ko noriu iš jų gauti.

Taigis, kad nebūtų visai čia liūdna ir tuščia su mano sapalionėm, įmesiu truputuką savo instagramos nuotykių foto. Deal with it.

I don't know if it's a bit sad or great that majority of my instagram pictures feature my work. It's either I have no life or my job is that awesome. I'll take the latter, please.

1. A sunset in Greenwich over the Old Royal Naval College, no filter, real colours and all. Taken during a work summer party. Featuring cricket and Pimms, couldn't have been more English.
2. Yinka Shonibare's Wind Sculpture on the lawns in front of the Queens House. A contemporary art project, tying together naval history and history of Greenwich. Long story, in short.
3. A Cheeky (creepy) Little Astronomer by above mentioned artist, also a part of same project. You can find it in The Royal Observatory's Flamsteed Apartments for which, unfortunately, you have to pay.
4. A view of the lawns in front of The Amber Museum in Palanga, Lithuania. I visited it the first time in September when I briefly came back for a friend's wedding.
5. London's getting festive. And what's better than a Ziggy on a reindeer. Joyfully found at Zigfrid Von Underbelly.
6. Glad to see there are so many feminists in Shoreditch. Keep it up, brothers and sisters!