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The "French" Sleeping Beauty (2011)

This film is a coming of age story presented as a pretty and sparkly fairy tale. Much like 'Valerie and Her Week of Wonders' of which I already wrote on here about a year ago. Although this film is sexier and less dark than Valerie, it still surely is very provocative. 

Directors and authors seem to really like to peruse the story of the Sleeping Beauty, possibly for its vast potential for eroticism and sexual violence. (Did you know that in original tale the princess is raped while sleeping and wakes up only from giving birth? Pretty creepy). 

The plot goes like this. A princess is cursed at birth by the wicked witch. Her air-headed fairy godmothers save her life, instead sending her off into a hundred year slumber during which she dreams vividly and lives a full life in her dreams.

In the dreamland she ventures into unknown to rescue a friend from the evil Snow Queen, visits a castle of Albino Prince and Princess, and befriends a gypsy girl. But her adventure ends when she is awakened by a modern day prince and is rushed into a womanhood, where she finds, she has no power. The happily ever after in the story worked only while she had her eyes closed.

This still is a captivating, stimulating and quite entertaining film, which I recommend when you're in a thoughtful mood.


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